The foundation of the Delivra business is its unique and patent-pending transdermal delivery system, which has the capability to deliver a very broad range of pharmaceutical and natural molecules through the skin. This delivery system has several key advantages, including:

  • Very strong dermal absorption and deep penetration
  • Polypharmacy and multi-drug formulations (base can hold up to 25% active molecules)
  • Delivery of larger molecules (~1400 Da), water-soluble molecules, peptides, etc.
  • Local or systemic delivery
  • Controlled (“slow”) release of actives
  • Mitigation of “depot effect” with lipophilic molecules

Delivra has a very robust on-going R&D program, to continuously expand and improve its already leading delivery system characteristics.

From a business perspective, the company has an active mandate to license its delivery system to pharmaceutical and natural health companies for transdermal delivery of their own particular molecules of interest.