The major initiative for Delivra (TSX-V:DVA) in 2016 is to introduce its flagship LivRelief topical pain and nerve creams to the U.S. market, initially through a U.S. web store and Amazon, and then through regional and national retailers, such as Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

“We are launching an aggressive digital campaign shortly, and later this year we’ll look to build on the momentum of that campaign to select and launch with one or more retailers in a very focused way, and then leverage that presence for additional distribution into 2017,” Chris Schnarr, president and CFO, says in an interview with

The three major U.S. national retailers represent almost 22,000 stores that could sell Delivra’s two flagship products.

LivRelief Pain is the No. 1 selling natural pain relief cream in Canada, targeting the treatment of joint and muscle pain, and LivRelief Nerve is the No. 1 selling nerve pain relief cream in Canada for sharp pain, such as shingles, diabetic neuropathy and nerve damage.

The company’s products are sold nationally in Canada by all major pharmacies, as well as natural health stores, grocery chain pharmacies and professional clinics. “Our distribution network is pervasive in Canada, and we look forward to replicating that success in the United States,” he points out.

As a result of a significant investment in sales and marketing in 2015, the company’s sales almost tripled, to $2.9-million.

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