Welcome to delivra

A driving force in transdermal delivery.

Welcome to delivra

Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Delivra Corp. (“Delivra“) is a specialty biotechnology company that has a proprietary transdermal delivery system platform that can shuttle pharmaceutical and natural molecules, through the skin, in a targeted specific manner.

Delivra manufactures and sells a growing line of natural topical creams with the proprietary transdermal delivery system platform under the LivRelief brand, for conditions such as joint and muscle pain, nerve pain, varicose veins, wound healing, and under the LivSport brand for sports performance. LivRelief products are available in pharmacies, grocery chains, and independent health food stores across Canada, and on-line at LivRelief pain and nerve pain products are also available in the United States on Amazon and at

In parallel with its consumer products business, Delivra also has a mandate to license its patent-pending proprietary transdermal delivery technology platform to pharmaceutical companies globally, for the transdermal delivery of repurposing Rx molecules to treat a broad range of conditions, along with licensing its over-the-counter products globally.

Our Mission

The Delivra mission is to be a driving force in the development and adoption of transdermal delivery of active ingredients, both natural and pharmaceutical; and to lead our industry in providing safer and more effective ways to deliver relief to those in need.

OTC Retail

As part of the monetization of our unique and patent-pending delivery system, through our LivCorp Inc. subsidiary, Delivra develops, produces and sells a popular line of natural topical creams.

Technology Licensing

The foundation of the Delivra business is its unique and patent-pending transdermal delivery system, which has the capability to deliver a very broad range of pharmaceutical and natural molecules through the skin.

Our Technology

We have extensive experience in pre-clinical and clinical research; including analytical, bioanalytical chemistry and molecular biology, in vitro bioassays, immunology, formulations, bioactive synthesis, pharmacology, etc.